Making people fall in love through the good times and the bad.

Expect a uniqueness to all of my love stories! They're also known to make you feel a bunch of things.


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Wronged- Alternate discreet cover

"WOW!! I almost have no words.
This book touched me on a deep level. So real and raw!
I felt so much pain for Jacob! How much can one person handle?! And then there's Remi with her heart of gold. I just loved these characters so much, and their story! This book will stay on my mind for a while." -Goodreads review

Wronged- Original cover

"This story is one that packs a definite punch straight to the heart with its emotion.
I was instantly drawn to this because of its blurb and I'm so glad I gave it a chance even with the topic.
The plot is realistic, intense, dramatic, serious and blood churning.
This story had me weeping, smiling, growling and sighing because of its ability to snake into my mind." -Goodreads review

All I wanted was to be away from the limelight, away from my parents. A perfect place where I could live a simple life.

A fresh start.
A small beach town.

That's what I thought I found, until the tortured ocean-colored eyes of the town outcast catch me off guard.

Everyone warns me to stay away from him. They tell me he's a monster.

His eyes tell another story, though, and I need to know what it is. It becomes almost an obsession.

A fresh start in a place where no one knows me…or so I thought. This place has become my own personal Hell.
That is…until her.

She’s the only one who doesn’t look at me with contempt.

She tries to force her way into my life, but she's better off staying away.

She doesn’t deserve this life sentence they’ve given me.



Wrecked- Alternate discreet cover

"It is so much more than another romance story--it's a story of atonement and forgiveness. It's a story about a man struggling with his internal demons, his guilt, and his loneliness. Cam is such a beautifully flawed and broken character. He's been looking for someone to be his compass, to be in his corner for once. No one else seems to be. So, when he crosses paths with the Jaz, the beautiful ray of sunshine with the biggest heart, I was all too excited for their HEA." -Goodreads review

Wrecked- Original cover

"Wrecked had everything I love in a story - characters that you absolutely fall in love with, wonderful side characters, an angsty slow burn romance, plenty of steam, and ALL the emotions. I can’t wait to read more from the very talented Rin Sher!"  -Goodreads review

Wrecked. It’s how Jasmine Delaney found me.

The truth was, I’d been heading down a one-way street to destruction for a long time.

I raced - illegally. I drank - excessively. I slept with women - indiscriminately.

There was no escape in sight.

That is, until I met her. She made me feel whole again, nurturing my heart right along with my soul. But right when I had a reason to be a better man…I did what I always warned her about.

I wrecked it.

She should have stayed away.


Orchids. It's how Campbell Baxter crawled into my heart.

The truth was, I’d been walking down a lonely path for far too long.

I loved - passionately. I gave - freely. I cared - easily.

There was no one worth the risk.

That is, until I met him. He lit my insides on fire, engulfing me in a love like I'd never felt before. But right when everything was in our favor and I’d found what I was looking for…he did what he warned me about.

He wrecked me.

I should have believed him.




The Woman

"5/5 stars! Rin created a world that captivated me from the start. It’s such a fresh idea. I loved the characters. The subtle exchanges between Avery and Phoenix were so well done. I enjoyed watching her personality emerge as he came to care for her and become very protective. Everyone should read this book. Highly recommend!" -Goodreads review

A companion.
A slave to my every desire.
That's what she's meant to be, whether I want it or not.

Being granted the ability to choose my woman at a younger age is supposed to be an honor, a privilege in our society. And though it's against my own desire, I follow through with my grandfather’s wishes and pick a female from a selection that is shown to me.

There's something different about the woman with the violet eyes I end up picking.

I try to ignore having her in my home, in my space, but something is intriguing about her behavior. No matter how much I try, I can’t stop thinking about her.

She messes with my head and makes me lose control, and I’m a man who needs it.

By the time the reason for her peculiar behavior comes to light, I’m in too deep.

Now that I know the truth, I have a choice to make: go against society's expectation and risk it all... or lose her forever.

See You Again

"This book had me crying more than I want to admit. The characters are absolutely wonderfully written and are absolutely perfect for each other. They bring out a side of the other that truly makes them whole. Their journey was quite rough, with a lot of hiccups along the way, but when they do, it's magical.
This was a really great read from an author I've never read for before. I would gladly read anything else she decides to write." -Goodreads review

While on a week's long trip in a small town for one of my best friend's bachelorette getaway, I did something I never do . . . I had a one-night stand.
But I was left with more than just the amazing memories of the beautiful man I spent the night with.
With no numbers or last names exchanged, I can't exactly tell him about it either.
For all I know, he could live on the other side of the country.

I spent an amazing night with a woman who made me feel things that I never had before. Months later, she's still on my mind.
But then I meet a woman who looks exactly like her. She reminds me of her in so many ways.
Only it's not her.
Not only does she have a different name, but the biggest difference?
She's blind.
Oh, and she's pregnant.