Signed copy of Wronged - Discreet Cover


All I wanted was to be away from the limelight, away from my parents. A perfect place where I could live a simple life.

A fresh start.
A small beach town.

That's what I thought I found, until the tortured ocean-colored eyes of the town outcast catch me off guard.

Everyone warns me to stay away from him. They tell me he's a monster.

His eyes tell another story, though, and I need to know what it is. It becomes almost an obsession.

A fresh start in a place where no one knows me…or so I thought. This place has become my own personal Hell.
That is…until her.

She’s the only one who doesn’t look at me with contempt.

She tries to force her way into my life, but she's better off staying away.

She doesn’t deserve this life sentence they’ve given me.

This book is a raw, emotional, small town romance with dark aspects to it. It contains subject matter that may be upsetting to some readers. It's about finding love under the worst of circumstances and getting second chances in life.
This book is not suitable for a young audience.
CW/TW: Unjust treatment. Drugging. Sexual Assault.
Sexual Assault does not occur on the pages. However, it is mentioned throughout the book.