Signed copy of Wrecked - Discreet Cover


Wrecked. It’s how Jasmine Delaney found me.

The truth was, I’d been heading down a one-way street to destruction for a long time.

I raced - illegally. I drank - excessively. I slept with women - indiscriminately.

There was no escape in sight.

That is, until I met her. She made me feel whole again, nurturing my heart right along with my soul. But right when I had a reason to be a better man…I did what I always warned her about.

I wrecked it.

She should have stayed away.


Orchids. It's how Campbell Baxter crawled into my heart.

The truth was, I’d been walking down a lonely path for far too long.

I loved - passionately. I gave - freely. I cared - easily.

There was no one worth the risk.

That is, until I met him. He lit my insides on fire, engulfing me in a love like I'd never felt before. But right when everything was in our favor and I’d found what I was looking for…he did what he warned me about.

He wrecked me.

I should have believed him.

This book contains characters from the book Wronged, however, it does not need to be read first.
It also contains subject matter that may be upsetting to some readers.
TW/CW: Alcohol abuse. Drug Use. Driving under the influence. Death of a loved one. Adult themes. Language. Mention of sexual assault. Parental neglect